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News For Our Anniversary

Hello everyone~,

Hibari here. I am writing this message to tell you our releases for our Anniversary will be a little late. Maybe around one more week.

Our staff worked very hard on everything but we still couldn't make it on time (mostly my fault since I have been busy and couldn't finish my part). The last week of the Semester starts next week for me and this week was packed with things due and exams. Next week will still be about the same so.... But do not worry, there will still be our release for the anniversary. It its Sweet Indulgent's Birthday so of course we have to celebrate it!!

But well, for now, I shall leave you. Until next release!

Happy Birthday Sweet Indulgent~

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4 yecichan06  
I'm really excited about this anniversary and hopefully we get more chapters of to take an enemy's heart. I just love that series and I am really grateful you have been translating it. Thank you very much. and Merry Christmas!!

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3 silverivy13  
sorry it's late, but happy bday!

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2 dnamra1980  
Happy birthday! Thank you for all your work!!

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1 latifa1994  
Congrats!! T-Ups

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