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Release #21: Will it be Sweet or Bitter?

I tried drinking Cantarella, but decided not to...yet I still wonder, is it sweet or bitter?


  [Volume 1 Chapter 1]      [Chapter 04]

*Jumping up and down* OMG! YESH! Finally! One of my favorite song is finally one of our projects! I love Cantarella so much! The drawing in this manga is so pretty! Miku and Kaito look very, very, veryyy pretty *melts* I really want to thank Satsuki for doing such a good job with the translations and for always doing what i want her to do, even though she might not want to LOL. I actually surprised myself by doing this project so fast. Satsuki technically gave me the translations yesterday and I was just sooo excited that i worked hard doing this. I want to thank my friend, you know who you are, for being there with me, while i cursed the dust bunnies and helping me with said dust.

Okay, for Cantarella, I actually found this project while surfing the website of the comic publisher. They actually got a few Vocaloid based song manga there and i cant wait to read them!

For those that don't know, Cantarella is a poison. And well, thats as much as i know about it LOL. I can't wait to see how this manga develops, too see how close it will be to the song sinc its based on it anyways. For those that don't know, the song is "Cantarella" by Kaito. If you haven't listen to it, you should. NOW!

From Hell >3 its been a while... (Goes check last day released) wow....2011? Did i see that right? *Shakes head* Well, we are getting there i think...We got no translators so we have to find ways to get the translations, (Good thing the black marker is an awesome place indeed.) Just wanna find out what happens next << don't fault me!

Now guys, you all know, with scanlation groups, things come and go, and because of that....WE STILL NEED STAFF!! Specially translators and cleaners! Japanese and Korean translators need to come our way! So don't be shy and come join us~

Hibari-Tsuna, The Biter.

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3 orquidea  
Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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1 Eckhart  
Thanks for From Hell! It's quite a surprise to see this webtoon updated after such a long time. ^^

But how do you do to get the Korean chapters? I saw they're not available for free anymore, and I believe you must have a Korean credit card or something to buy them. Did you find someone to get them for you?

2 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
Actually, i had the chapters since 2011....I didnt know it wasnt free anymore, gonna see how we get the raws now ^^''

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