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Release #25: Not Yaoi...

Lets welcome back the Non-Yaoi Club...




Hey guys~! -whispers- Lets see how this ones do...

LOL Anyways~ How are you today guys? Today there is not much compare to before but we are working on them! Tomorrow (Hopefully) I will have some more chpaters for you guys. Just saying, they will be more webtoons. After that, we shall go back to our Yaoi ^^ we are just trying to put everything out there that we like...it just so happens (as i said in the last post) that Yaoi is what we are able to release just because we have a Korean trans, but now we shall be able to release more stuff! We now have a Chinese trans so lets welcome him!

Now on to the release!

Astad is a new webtoon recommended by one of our Korean translator and to me it seems interesting (specially how it plays out). Please do give us a shout out if you like it~ We are always happy when you guys tell us what you guys like and don't like. There was suppose to be another chapter of it but this week got hectic for me and (getting sick from all relatives...) but ill try to work on the other projects we had planned (this was all supposed to be released a week ago) so that our schedule keeps how it was.

Yeonmo~ Well, there goes Volume 9, one more to go. shouldn't be that hard (like this one). Hope (as I am always hoping) that you guys like it.

I have remove the watermarks we were putting on the chapters... they were just annoying me >> and well from the begining i didnt like watermarks...Mangas (or anything related to graphic novels) should be as they were.

Please do leave us a comment and tells us what you think. We always appriciate your comments. Enjoy ur reading and I shall see you (hopefully) tomorrow~

Hibari -takes smoke bomb out and trows it in ground- Out.


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