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Release #47: I Have a Boyfriend...

Said no one ever.


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Hello Guys~ Still trying to keep this pace so I hope you guys are enjoying this. Here is one of our newest project after Baby Diary. And it looks soooo cutee!

The raws were giving to us by Only YunJae. They will also be giving us raws for some other project but it is technically a joint with them because They desire so ^^. They will also be translating this to spanish so please do give them a visit if you prefer it in spanish.

Now for "I Have A Boyfriend". This seem sooo cute and as I was saying I'm happy we picked it up. This seem to begin with a One side love yet I have a feeling that it's not really a one side love.Of course, I don't know for sure because I dislike looking at the raws in advance. I guess this is some sort of spoiler for me so I stay away from those. I just know I'm going to love it <3 Can't wait for chapter 02.

One thing before I go: Please don't upload our chapters before the 24 Hour wait. I Just like everyone to come and say their thanks or what ever you guys say xD in one day, Well, in the end, I just love you guys so I want you around for atleast a day. Hmm, does that sound weird?

Well, Until release #48~

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The art looks amazing,and they are really cute <3 Thanks for the translation :D

so excited to read it! Thank you so much!  :)

Thank you for your time and work here

Thank you for the translations! :)

Thank you for accepting this joint. We couldn't have done it without you :)

Your welcome ^^ I'm happy to have this cute project here~

Thank you so much for this new series!  ohs

Thank you so much   It looks cute and the art is gorgeous

Thank you!!! Bs

"Said no one ever." LOL. Thanks for this new series!

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