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Release #51: Shout Outs To...

Misty Rain Scans.

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This week is Misty Rain Scans' 3rd anniversary so let's give them a shout out! I hope they have many more to in the future! They are our partner for yeonmo, which is getting very close to finishing. Just a few chapters mores and we are done with ti...

On a side note~ I still haven't read it....Does that make me happy? I'm not sure...

Well. I still can';t say much about this series because i haven't read it =( sorry...

Until Monday!
PS: It's a big release? You decide xD

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4 Galatea  
Thanks for this new chapter! ^^

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3 orquidea  
Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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1 ereinsamadesu  
Big release on monday? Yesssssss pls hahahahaha
Wait, did I misunderstood? Haha
Anyways, thank you guys for your hard work!  yeah

2 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
You didn't misunderstand~ Until tomorrow~

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