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Hey Guys, Website might look weird for a few, but i hope you guys like what we are doing with it!!!


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Hey Guys~ Hibari here!
Sorry if this brought your hope high, but at least i think this should be bringing u some kind of hope....no?

Well I shall tell you what happened to me... We were actually gonna released like promised, but then, the thing where i had all my memory for my laptop...broke....THAT INCLUDES EVERY PROJECT. (I though it could actually be fixed but when I went to try and get it fix, the person- actually i tried various people- said it couldnt be fix)

So... We are looking for you help! We are in need of Translators, (this includes Korean, Japanese and chinese) since we want to start releasing every project we are working on...again. We might be very slow (slower than before) but we chall try our best so please continue to support us. We are also in need of cleaners and typesetters so please do contact us if you are interested.

ANOTHER THING! Those groups that are defenetly still translating our projects please message us (the russian group,... Read more »

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Happy new years Everyone!
What? It's still new years don't look at me like that

[Chapter 3]

Surprise!&nbs... Read more »
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We wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, And... A Second Birthday To Us~

[Chapter 7]

Hey Guys~!

How have you been? As you all know, we have been busy, but we have been working, veryyy veryyy slowly. Just for today FOR TODAY~ I wanted to release this, though I wanted to release more, but time did not allowed it.

Here is Chapter 7! What you SB lovers have been waiting for! What will the Vampire do now~~~? Read to find out!!!

Firstly, I want to thank Hespia for joining us! She is our new Korean yaoi translator! SO you should have Devil's Bride and Sweet Blood more sooner now! Devil's Bride is very advanced at the moment and I am sooo happy about it! *Really Likes Devil's... Read more »

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Hey Guys~

I am just posting this too say that everything for our anniversary will be released after my semester ends this month.

Please be a little more patient and I shall see you then!

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Thought we was dead did you?
Well, no WE ARE NOT!

[Volume 2 Chapter 6]


 Hey guys~ How have you been? Good? Bad? Tired? Waiting for us?

Well us too LOL At this very moment, you guys might be wondering, "Hey, Why is Hibari-Tsuna doing the Entry? wasn't it suppose to be Pandora?" yeah I know u.u and some of you might be saying, "I like her post! Give her back!" Well sorry if I'm boring D:

Pandora, Our second admin and Quality Checker, is at this very moment, veryyy sick. When she is NOT sick, she is either dying of tiredness, or veryyy busy with school. She could not write this post or release, neither work o... Read more »

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YESH~ Another release on time!

Which is rare for us...

        [Chapter 4]                    [Volume 1 Chapter 1]

First of all...Sorry!

... Read more »

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Well Belated Lover's Day, Tee-Hee. Also known as Every Single's Worst Enemy Day

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Happy Chinese New Years Guys! 

We got a new series! Especially done for Pandora!

[Volume 1 Chapter 1]

Hey guys, how are you? Its been what? three weeks since we last talked? ^^ Anyways! On to the Journal! (I think that what it's called)
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Hello Everyone~

No, this is not a release, We are trying to inform you guy of what the USA Congress its trying to do. Said Congress its trying to pass an Act that would technically block everything in the internet. If you still do not understand, there are some videos to the side that explain this.

Here are the links too:


But we can do something about this! We can Sign petitions and other st... Read more »

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