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Release #64: Happy Holidays! - Part 4

Happy Holidays!


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

I'm still trying my best <3. This is just too cute to stop now!!

We still have a lot of more chapters that were supposed to come out together for our anniversary but yeah.... I'm trying my best! Dont flame me =(

Until next one! On a side noteeeeeee, Does anyone knows good websites which we could use? I would like to make a new website for Sweet Indulgent because it seems this one.... well... you know what I mean xD so if its free, do you think you could give us some ideas? of course, we would like to have a reader on it too so even if its not free and you know how you could do this, give is some tips too! come and help us! yes?

Thank you~~


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welcome and thanks for replying ^ v ^;;

Hibari... just google "Make a website" and a bunch will come up, like Webs "Build a website!" And such.

sorry for the suggestion... you already have tumblr. but it's used more for announcements, right? ^^;;
how about livejournal?

tumblr? yeah i kinda noticed that too. ^^;; plus it's kinda hard to sign up/log in unless people can recall how- ^^;;

Yeah, reason why I'm trying to get us a new website. As for tumblr, i dont really want to have it as a website... neither LiveJournal.... Maybe I'm too picky xD Thank you for the suggestions though, I appreciated.,

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