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Read the rules, and then enjoy posting in the site.
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Thread: Rules For Sharing Our Projects
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
View Positions open to become a staff in our group.
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Thread: Proof Readers [Not Open]
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
Here you can request manga/manhwa you want us to scan, but when you do, please put all the information about that project, and please have at least normal quality raws.
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Thread: Akuma no Houteishiki by NAKA...
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
To Download Releases
Read the rules first before trying to download anything.
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Thread: 5 Posts
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
Introduce yourself, and see others that might be like you.
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Thread: Hello
Message from: Cronya_Atimus
Q and A
Got a Question? Come On in and ask away.
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Thread: what is the best beverage or...
Message from: sunday

Active Projects
Find our Shoujo Active Projects ONLY here.
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Thread: Tsuki ni Tsubame to Migi ni ...
Message from: Cronya_Atimus
Find our Shounen Active Projects ONLY Here.
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Thread: Cantarella - Poison of Blue -
Message from: Cronya_Atimus
Find our Shounen-Ai Active Projects ONLY Here.
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Thread: Pure Blood
Message from: mijazu
Find our Yaoi Active Projects ONLY Here.
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Thread: Devil's Bride
Message from: a7thina

Synchronized Projects
Find our Joint Shoujo Projects ONLY Here.
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Thread: A Love In 100 Days
Message from: mijazu2146
Find our Joint Shounen Projects ONLY Here.
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Find our Joint Shounen-Ai Projects ONLY Here.
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Find our Joint Yaoi Projects ONLY Here.
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Complete Projects
Find our Completed Shoujo Projects ONLY here.
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Thread: Houkago Shinjuu
Message from: Cronya_Atimus
Find our Completed Shounen Projects ONLY here.
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Thread: Continue
Message from: Cronya_Atimus
Find our Completed Shounen-Ai Projects ONLY here.
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Find our Completed Yaoi Projects ONLY here.
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Future Projects
Shoujo Projects we WILL do in the future.
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Thread: Unjou Roukaku Kidan
Message from: Jsye
Shounen Projects we WILL do in the future.
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Thread: Aku no Musume Ki no Kuroatyu...
Message from: kirika_chan2702
Shounen-Ai Projects we WILL do in the future.
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Thread: Akuma No Houteishiki
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
Yaoi Projects we WILL do in the future.
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Projects we began but are on HOLD for the moment because there is no staff at the moment.
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Thread: Sweet Blood
Message from: mijazu
Projects we MIGHT DO in the future. Meaning not sure if wewill do this projects.
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Thread: Babysitter Gin!
Message from: ckh988
Aside Manga/Manhwa
This is where you see the manga/manhwa we had planned to do, but had been picked up by another group before we could release them, but we MIGHT pick up in the future.
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Thread: Half and Half
Message from: Lenaloe

Here you can talk about what interested you in a Manga/Manhwa Or whatever u want to talk about.
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Thread: Your Favorite Mangaka?
Message from: takashimura
Discuss Anime in here.
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Thread: Favourite anime
Message from: ckh988
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Thread: Favorite Asian Movies
Message from: Sesgar
Sit And Chat
Here you can talk about your daily life, or what ever comes to your mind.
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Thread: Most Disgusting Thing You Ev...
Message from: AceArtemis7
Discuss Poll Answers, especially ones that were not as an answer.
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Thread: Cantarella... What do you th...
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever

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Thread: Anime Alphabet...
Message from: Kemm
Post Fanfictions that you have done, or other people have done, so that other can enjoy reading them.
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Thread: Recommendation: xxxHOLIC - S...
Message from: amethys
Happy Birthday
Wish people you know on the site, or users a Happy Birthday.
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Thread: Happy Birthday RAI_CHEN!!!
Message from: Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever
Here you can talk about RPG games or other games that you enjoy.
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Thread: What Is Your Favorite RPG?
Message from: solace

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