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Will continue until school break, or holidays...

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Well guys, this chapter...this is the chapter everyone has been w ... Read more »

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Everything for the future, right?

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Tiring for you guys?

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Hey guys~

Sorry for the break i had to take...

Here is the next cha ... Read more »

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Are getting good!!

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Hey guys~

Sorry... I was busy....so...I coudlnt updated.... but yeah! Here is the next chapter of Enemy~ This is getting good <3 I can't wait for more chapters!

Thank you everyone who has donated and those that ... Read more »

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On the way~

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First of all~ Sorry for the little break we had. We were tired from the last release. But please don't worry~ We will be back to fast releases ^^

Andddd as we are going to be releasing fast~ I want to tahnk our staff for that~ Thank ... Read more »

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To all USA People out there!


... Read more »

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Misty Rain Scans.

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This week is Misty Rain Scans' 3rd anniversary so let's give them a shout out! I hope they have many more to in the future! They are our partner for yeonmo, which is getting very close to finishing. Just a few chapters mores and we are ... Read more »

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We would make it this far T^T

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Wow guys...Seriously, I never thought we would make it to Release #50 when I started this group. Of course I was thinking big with the group but I never expected it to come this far. A few years have come and gone since then but sti ... Read more »

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Really that exciting for some?

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So, I know Marry hasn't been uploaded in a while and I'm sorry that it took so long. I'm still trying to release as much as possible soooooo Please forgive me?

This one still continued the crazyness of fi ... Read more »

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That this is a trap.


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. -The Tumblr was made thanks to the idea of our proofreader, Ash. She is an Awesome staff. Applauses for her!! *Claps*.

So the tumblr is a little different that our other social media. In here, we want you guys to update you ... Read more »

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