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Release #54: Things-

Are getting good!!

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Hey guys~

Sorry... I was busy....so...I coudlnt updated.... but yeah! Here is the next chapter of Enemy~ This is getting good <3 I can't wait for more chapters!

Thank you everyone who has donated and those that come to our website and thank us. All the money (of course) will go towards raws and new series we want to pick up and the only way we have is to buy the raws.

For the next chapter of Enemy will have to wait a few. Haven't receive the chapter so will give you guys other chapters to read instead ^^ (hopefully).

See you  next time guys~!


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7 bannedlove6927  
Yaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!  yeah
Thank you so very much for the new chapter  happy

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6 shruthe82  
Thank you sooo much for how fast you are translating this work...i'm on pins and needles for what to come shock Kyah

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5 jensengirl  
Thank you so much for the new chapter yeah LU

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4 ereinsamadesu  
yeah happy LU Kyah

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3 dnamra1980  
Next Enemy, next good day :) Thank you!

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2 latifa1994  
Thank youuuu!! OG

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1 white_usagi28  
//AAAAAH IT'S HERE// Thank you guys so much for your hard work! I'm absolutely in love with these two emotional plants like no jokeljlaksdjflkdjaglkj /)/////(\

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