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Release #48: The Staff Thinks...

That this is a trap.


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. -The Tumblr was made thanks to the idea of our proofreader, Ash. She is an Awesome staff. Applauses for her!! *Claps*.

So the tumblr is a little different that our other social media. In here, we want you guys to update your art works and/or fanfictions that are related to the projects we do. Of course, the Art that we think are the best will be featured on chapters we release for that series. For more info please visit our tumblr or message us, dont be shy. We are here to answer your questions.

Now on to the release. Yeonliji hasn't been updated in a while and I'm like...Wow... This might need to be updated for a while since we have almost everything... so forgive me if you get tired of it for a few days or so... just...forgive us LOL

There are other projects that have everything BUT the Proofreading done...(which then inclused the typesetting) so we can't release it without checking our translations over. Don't worry, we will defenetly release others that you guys love; this includes Brilli, Marry Me and Work. Of course, Sweet Blood and Enemy too.

As I was working this chapter, Sollance, who was helping me looked at the credit page (which changed image because i'm guessing is a new chapter) and wasd like "It's a trap!" and i just laughed so much. I know alot of people think this is a trap xD. My opinion shall be know another day.

Now where is this headed? I don't know but I cant wait! This is only 34 chapters so maybe...we can finish it in a month or so...>> (doubts it but can still dream)

-Until Release #49...

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