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Release #57: The slow releases...

Will continue until school break, or holidays...

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Well guys, this chapter...this is the chapter everyone has been waiting for... Our dear chapter 19! HypEEEE~

Well, I'm sorry that the releases are technically once per month for now. If we could get faster releases, then we would need a cleaner... to join us that is. Theres only about 2 cleaners in our group and we are busy =(

We would love Japanese translators, Chinese translators and cleaners to join us, we really are in need of them since well...we dont have them. Please comee to usss!

Well, until next time~
With hopefully.....Marry me this time.

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well can anybody show me how to read the manga after log in

Just recently started reading it and I am enjoying every bit of it :) Thank you so much for all the hard work and I can't wait for the next update  Yay

BTW, I am wondering how I can apply to one of your post? I used to be a cleaner in my previous group :) I would love to help out.

Hello Kuru~

it is pretty easy. Just send us an email what you want to apply to Sweet-Indulgent@live.com

Hope to hear form you ^^

hello, iam new, my inglesh is not good, i wanna now how to reed the mangas??

Thanks for your hard working. Pls keep working bc we are all waiting :)))))))

Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Well, Idon't speak Japanese, I don't speak Chinese, I don't know how cleaning too,
but... I hope you find someone, who can help you.  Thank you for this release!!

THAN YOU so much!!!

Yay I've been waiting for this!! Thank you so much!! <3

Yay new release  yeah

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