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Release #52: Happy 4th Of July!

To all USA People out there!


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Goog everning everyone! My brain is tired...and dead, but i shall make this as normal~ xD

Happy 4th of July to USA people~ Today we bring you 18 chapters! Yes, you saw that right, 18! (If the images ontop are anything to tell xD). If you aren't in the USA, then well, this is still good for yo ebcause you get to read 18 chapters~ For no special reason, right?! I know I would be happy if that happened to me.

First of all, I want to thank the staff who worked very hard for the last week (because I forget there are holidays coming everytime and techncially releases are done last minute... yeah... =_='' sorry...please get sued to me.) Our brains are so dead that I don't even know how I'm speaking right now. Hope you guys enjoy it and please thank the staff, because without them, this wouldn't have been possible!

Today I bring you the two projects I had spoken of like two releases ago... Their names are Devil  and School Love Story. Of course, their names are longer but lets just say those are for now. They are very cute and if you llike "Marry me?" then I recommend these. Devil is Shoujo (which I was surprised since its by the author of Baby Diary and it seems that that author like Yaoi/Shounen ai...). School is soo cute <3 and of course it's Yaoi so pelase do read it!!

it has been a while since we released Sweet Blood so here are 3 chapters! We are trying to catch up with chapters (because you know, its complete and it has a sequel already) so you will be seeing more from this series. The same with Enemy. Its almost as long as Sweet Blood so wait for these two!

Baby Diary is getting uploaded slowly by the author it seems so we are translating the chapters as soon as we see they are uploaded. Brilli is long (and still ongoing) so you won't have to wait for this one, toher than us release it.... xD I know you guys still love us though <3.

In Work, Fight and Love, we finally get to see a little more, but I won't spoil anything so you guys can read it~ And Boyfriend the same. <3 Boyfriend is just so cute that i can't not do it. I'm always trying to work on it as soon as I see it.

Yeonmo (with is twin yeonliji) are already complete, so you will see the last three chapters of Yeonmo soon. Yeonliji is short compared to Sweet Blood but we will try to finish it as soon as possible.

Well, Please ignore this talking...(beacause I feel like I only spoke of nothingness...xD)

Again, Happy 4th of July~ Hope you guys enjooyed it and sorry this was a little late...

Until Next release~! (which won;t be this week...Cause we need a break)

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I am so excited that we get to read more Yeonmo, but sad at the same time since its going to be ending soon :( 
Thank you for the chapters!!

There are a lot of releases <3 Thank you so much,i wish i could do something as wonderful as you do for us for you

Hi there!

I'm seeing all these amazing releases just now. Thanks a lot for all your hard work! ^^

Thanks a lot for these releases! I was a bit late as usual, well xD Please keep on updating Brili since I really really like that one (LOL).
Love you all ~ <3

Thank very much, I love you guys <3

Thank you so much for the treats! appreciate the hard work!  :)

Wow, what a pleasant surprise :D Thank you so much for all the releases!

Thank you very much Yay

What a big release!!  Allchapters are great, and you start a new one?! Thank you for Sweet Blood and
Enemy!! I'm crying now, because I am really happy!!

I'm glad you're happy, but it shouldn't be making you cry!!

It's ok to cry happy tears after seeing this big release! Thanks :)

Thank you very much for the bulk release.  Your hard work is very much appreciated.

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