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Release #55: Aren't these breaks....

Tiring for you guys?

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Hey guys~

Sorry for the break i had to take...

Here is the next chapter. Sorry I don't feel like speaking much today so... sorry.... Hope the chapter satisfy you.

Until next time 

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Oh my goodness, coming back to two chapters is amazing~ Thanks to the staff for their beautiful work Q w Q b!!!!

Thanks for the chapter!! XD looking forward to more chapters.

Thank you for the new chapter!!! *w*

Oh! what s surprise!! Thanks for this release Hibari!!

Hi there!

Oh my, I hope you're fine. Thanks a lot for this new release! ^_^

Thank you ver much!! *kisses and hugs* Hibari

Thank you very much!! *hugs and kisses* Hibari :LU:

Thank you for the new chapter. Please don't stress about short breaks like this; six months to a year can be worrying, but such short ones? pffft!

thank you!! such a great series.

Thanks for the release! I didn't realize I left a rating of 2 on the post ;__;! Wanted to say sorry about that as well since I had no clue what the little dots meant and clicked it and it suddenly said I rated it 2 and I can't even change it. shock Have a nice evening!

No worries~ thank you for your thoughtfulness ^^ enjoy ur reading.

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