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Release #49: Is M...

Really that exciting for some?

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So, I know Marry hasn't been uploaded in a while and I'm sorry that it took so long. I'm still trying to release as much as possible soooooo Please forgive me?

This one still continued the crazyness of finding a partner for Minato... (I forgot his name...) Last time, we left it as an M person tried to...Chain him? *shrugs* I'm not much into that but its still funny!

Sollance, who is always helping me do the daily releases, will be having Exams (Regents) on Monday and Tuesday so we might not be able to release from tomorrow until tuesday. I'll try, but no promises. We are a small group who tries very hard~ <3

-Until Release #50-


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4 bolabuluhitam  
I just found this and want to read it! Thank you so much!  :)

3 ckai2m  
Thanks for the new chapter ! Can't get over how cute all characters look. Especially Loki with the shy Frankenstein vibe, reminds me a bit of Winter Wood :)

2 thenataria  
Thanks for this chapter :)

1 tokkei12  
Thanks for a new chapter!

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