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Release #50: I Never Thought...

We would make it this far T^T

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Wow guys...Seriously, I never thought we would make it to Release #50 when I started this group. Of course I was thinking big with the group but I never expected it to come this far. A few years have come and gone since then but still... Release #50... Alot of chapters have been released between this time and the time that it was created. This makes me so emotional. I could have never come this far alone. This is all thanks to all too the wonderful staff (past and present ones). Thank you girls and guys *claps very loud* I couldn't have made it this far alone.

Because of this reason, I decided to make Release #50 something special and we are giving you Five chapters of enemy in one go. You readers are a part of our Sweet Indulgent Family so we also want you to enjoy our special #50 with us, by reading this of course *winks*

I hope you enjoy this. Of course I'm kind of tired after working on this for a few days but Its all worth it. While I was working on this, and saw all the feels int his five chapters, I couldn't help myself to not put Haru Haru by Big Bang. The feels in enemy and in the song just go along so well in my opinion so i suggest you read the chapter and listen to the song at the same time.

Well, its very late already so I shall leave you now with this. Good night guys~ And see you next release!

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I am sorry I have never thanked you before, but I am glad you are translating this series because of all of you hard work we can now enjoy this wonderful manhwa. Thank you so much I look forward to more chapters in the future!! :)

wow! It looks interesting! Want to read this!
Thank you so much for the hard work!  :)

Thank you very much for your hard work <3

Woohoo~~~ Congrats!! I love everyone~  yeah

So i'm new to this site and I was wondering were to go to download the projects and thanks for the upload!

This mangais great! Beautiful art, cool theme... I patiently and faithfully waiting for
next chapters. Thanks Sweet team !

Thank you so very much for the new releaseeee <3 <3

Thanks so much!!

Whoa, thank you for this! You rock! Feel loved and hugged, please.

Lovely bite of pleasure  NB Thank You ^3^
Now I'm going to read!

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