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Release #60: Something...

Before our Anniversary

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Here is our dear Chapter 20 <3

With Love, Hibari.

You thought I was gonna end it there? Nah, I gotta talk about how cute this chapter was!! And it was sooo cuteee!! And thats all im going to say about it xD

As for our upcoming releases....Well, Do you guys know when our Anniversary is? Thats all i'm saying *winks*


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I just love this series....I love it soo much that I had to go spoil myself and I went ahead and saw the spoilers lol. But I regret nothing!! It's just a beautiful story XD

OHHH thanks for a new chapter! I can't wait for you to get the resto of the chapters. This serie is amazing!

20 Enemy's chapters.   Thank you for all this work!

thank you :)

Thanks a lot for sharing! ^_^

Thank you for the new chapter!! happy And I know Enemy is hard to clean so thank you for the hard work!
I can't wait to celebrate your anniversary!!

Thank you so much for the new chapter!!!

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