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Release #56: School... Gotta love all that work.

Everything for the future, right?

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

How are you guys holding up? I hope this low releases don't make you guys sad =( I wouldn't want that happening. I love you guys and all the love you guys give us ^^ that's what makes us so happy about this little hobby we got.

Today I bring you the latest chapter of Baby, along with Yeonmo and Enemy. Baby...seems to be getting uploaded pretty slow so when it does get uploaded, you guys know for sure that we will be uploading it too.

Yeonmo, seems to be getting pretty close to its ending. I still...haven't read it. Before I do, I gotta read Bleach (more like re-read it since I was almost done with it) since it ended like last week.

Enemy. Seems that everyone to be waiting for that one scene....that oneee sceeeeneeeee. Well, Guess what?!



Yeah. Yeah. I know. but hey~ Its the next chapter. So please wait for it! I'll try to do it as soon as I can~

But before that, I will be updating Marry me. Yes. I know, I can hear you saying FINALLY. Sorry, sorry. but hey, the wait makes it all the better, RIght? <3

Well, I am back to school so I'm sorry in advance if the releases are slow. You guys know I always try to update as much as possible when I'm on break so please forgive me while I'm in school ;3

For now...I shall see you. Homework is calling me.

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10 dnamra1980  
Thank You for this release! My favorite Enemy!! And YES I'll waiting for, that one scene.... that oneee sceneeeeneeeee! I hope this will be very soon! You are great!!

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9 ophelie1399  
Thank you very much for sharing  LU

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8 1twistedgirl  
Thank you so much for your hard work!! ^_^

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7 jensengirl  
Thank you so much for the new release

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6 bannedlove6927  
Thank you very much for your hard work XD
Good luck with school <3

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5 Galatea  
Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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4 orquidea  
Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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3 manenaluca  
Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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2 freres  
Many thanks for all your hard work.

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1 yecichan06  
Yay new chapters!! XD thanks for all the hard work :)

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