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Hey Guys~ Hibari here!
Sorry if this brought your hope high, but at least i think this should be bringing u some kind of hope....no?

Well I shall tell you what happened to me... We were actually gonna released like promised, but then, the thing where i had all my memory for my laptop...broke....THAT INCLUDES EVERY PROJECT. (I though it could actually be fixed but when I went to try and get it fix, the person- actually i tried various people- said it couldnt be fix)

So... We are looking for you help! We are in need of Translators, (this includes Korean, Japanese and chinese) since we want to start releasing every project we are working on...again. We might be very slow (slower than before) but we chall try our best so please continue to support us. We are also in need of cleaners and typesetters so please do contact us if you are interested.

ANOTHER THING! Those groups that are defenetly still translating our projects please message us (the russian group, spanish groups and all the others that have ask us). If someone is translating our things without letting us know, please do let us know NOW!

Again thank you for still being here (those that still are) and i hope you continue in the future too.

Ja Ne~

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hey i just read sweet blood and i wanted to help for faster updates. im not very good at korean but i understand most and can try my best to translate. please contact me if u guys need some help with ur projects

Teresa, you left no email, and you don't have an username on our website. Would really love to have you on the team.

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