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Change Of Plans And New Release Soon

Hello you guys :D

Its been almost two months since this Scan group first opened it's door to the world of Manga/Manhwa. i know that we are being  little slow, but people have not join us we are doing our best to bring you releases as soon as possible.

We are planning to release soon

Sweet Blood
Daughter Of The Nile (chapter 1 is almost done)
Seonnye Fighting

And Continue

There has been a change of plans with 18 Years Old, We Got Married. This project will now be a joint with Black Rose Scans And Shoujo Addiction

We Are trying our best and hopefully we could release it soon.

Sorry for the bother guys, but we still need you! We are in need of Cleaners, Translators (Korean, Japanese, and few chinese) BADLY! If You want us to release faster, come. Join us. And help us yourself.

With love and Care,

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I reeaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyy want to be a cleaner but i don't know how can someone tell me plz? Hi Bs bye

Hey crystal ^^ There are various turorials under the Cleaner Test. Check them out if u want to.

i am french and i ve got to say thank for sweet blood i m so happy that u guys will translate it
1000 thanks

NP XD Ds i wanted to read it so yeah.... Ds Kyah

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