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Release #10: SERVANT OF EVIL!


[Volume 1 Chapter 1]
                    [Chapter 0]         

[Chapter 2 and 3]                           [Chapter 0]     

Hmmm So we are sorry for the Long but loooong wait. Oh and before I forget, HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS! LoL We were SERIOUSLY planning on releasing on the 3rd...Which was our Anniversary. YESH WE ARE ONE YEAR OLD! Who would have thought we would get here? I remember the first few months of us...It was so lonely T^T We had no translators and technically everything was hold up, but now look at us...People wanting some of our projects to come out. That makes us VERY happy!

And of course we were planning on releasing on the 25th too but we got some problems. The most common one being finals. This happens because most of our staff are still in school so yeah, You'll have to wait for that to pass, because school it's more important. So meh. Now on to the release~!

OMG!!!!! *Becomes a normal fangirl for five minutes* SERVANT OF EVIL! YESH YESH YESH!!!! >3

When I first heard the Story of Evil saga...I became in love with it...When I saw there was a manga... I felt more in love with it...When I saw there was a novel...I almost died. I was SOOOO happy! On that day, I swore that Sweet Indulgent would release Aku no Meshitsukai. And here we are, releasing it! I know there are a lot of fans like me out there just dying to read this too. And I am happy we are the ones who will be able to make their wishes come true since we our selves  have VOCALOID everywhere. Chapter 1 starts the while story from the very beginning. This and that happen and your like WTF? Kill HIM! *sigh* but what can we do? *Evil smirk* eventually he'll die, Ne? At the end of this chapter, PLEASE READ THE ADMINS NOTE THERE. We are sure it will make you laugh. ^.^

Corpse....I don't really know much about the whole Corpse Party this and that saga...but this made me get interested in it... the others are now in my to read list and I WILL READ THEM! it might be kind of creepy for some of our readers I guess...Or maybe not...I don't even know anymore!

 In From Hell, we meet new things. Can't say much since the chapters are short.

Sweet Pool. *.* Oh yeah! this has been in our to do list for a while and we finally got it out! Thanx to our Japanese translator Mei! Who does not get bother translating Yaoi! WOOHOO! Big round of applause for her!

Okay...So...MOST of you most be kinda angry at the moment but fear not! The net release will have two of what you guys are waiting for.

We hope you enjoy this releases. Our next release should be PRETTY SOON! I'm not naming dates 'cause then I'll look bad again if we do not release on that said date.

Please leave us a comment if you enjoyed them ^^ we want to know what YOU guys think of them.

Talk to you guys on my next post!
Ja ne!


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Happy Anniversary on the webiste!!!! I love the yaoi manga they are so exiciting to read!!!!! Thank you again for translating and releasing this manga on your website that other people wont' do!!!! Hi Bs

yay thank you very much
i love sweet pool

I know it's belated... but I'm SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS! Really, I'm almost crying... I just didn't cry yet because I wanna laugh along...
Thanks for bringing so much joy to me!

When will Aku no Meshitsukai 2 appear?I can't wait to read it!I love Vocaloid and I ALMOST DIED when I saw that is a manga too...but all I can read is volume 1...when will volume 2 appear? Or if is already appeared...where can I read it?

Hope I can see more of Sweet Pool soon. I checked on your 'active' page, has it not been updated recently? Didn't see Sweet Pool up there. Keep up the great work, and thank you once more for all the dedication that you bring to us, it is very much appreciated!

Y-You have no idea how grateful I am for you releasing Aku no Meshitsukai subbed.
Seriously, thank you so much! ♥

May I say "dasjdlsakdsariueprepriweu". AHHHH Aku no Meshitsukai.... I been reading the chineses translations for months.... Oh... I hope it continue, thank you, thank you \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Thank you so much for working on Sweet Pool!!! OG

Kitty is forcing the translator to join them and translate for them! :P just joking T-Ups

there's finally a team working on 悪ノ召使! asdfghjkl

thankyou for your hard work!

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