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Release #11 A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
IT'S HERE! 2012!
O_O we finally got a release out on the right date!

[ Chapter 2 ]

Hello everyone and a happy New Year to you! I hope you are all feeling better than I do at the moment, I've hardly slept a wink in the past week, but I’m happy to do it for you guys! Can you believe it? We’re actually releasing on the right day for once, and not missing it by an hour or so! I’m shocked, yet proud that we have such a good start to the New Year!


This Release is the second chapter to Hana! We all KNOW you guys have been dying to read it and to have it released. (Although We don't know how it got leaked that we would be releasing it on New Years) We were also planning on releasing another series with this release but at last… it didn't come in on time, so it’s something to look forward to now isn’t it? *wink wink*



It’s Hibari’s BIRTHDAY TODAY! Or as the staff calls her, Kitty! So I want everyone to give her a big Happy Birthday! And show her love, definitely you yaoi fans out there, because without her you wouldn’t have your yaoi. She’s our Founding Admin and we love her for it~ so we want you to show your love too ^_^


And we know, we know you yaoi fans want more Sweet Blood, but unfortunately our translators have been out for a bit and we really can’t find anyone to translate it. The few Korean translators we do have are boys and I feel for them,because Hibari likes to force it on them.  But what can you say? She loves her yaoi.


Man It’s already 2012~ All I can say is watch out for Big tidal waves and world destroying events, lol, because we all know 2012 is when the world is to be destroyed. Muahahahaha!


OH! That’s right, Guess what? We’re going to be releasing this chapter RIGHT AWAY! No waiting period! But you’ll still have to become a reader to grab the downloaded version. So Please enjoy our new year Treat.


By the way, did you guys like that little rant in Aku? If you do we might decide to put more like it up if you guys really liked it, because we tend to have a lot of funny convos in the middle of the night Hahahaha!


Gosh, I’m so warn out. I can feel my soul escaping from my body. There were a few times I lost my sanity while Q/Cing the releases, and I know I scared our Honorary Staff Hope one night, brains (>D). Never the less I feel so free right now~ so much stress has been lifted! So I hope you guys have a stress-free New Years and why not? A stress-free year too! While I’m on the subject, what did you guys do for your New year’s?


Ah I think I’m rambling now, and I can’t seem to think of anything else I needed to tell you guys, so I’m going to finally go to bed tonight, or I might just go enjoy a stress-free game before hitting the sack. (But I doubt it...)


With love, and Until next time,



- Over and out - *Dies*

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Thank you for all your hard work to work on releasing the manga chapters!!!! I love this manga series so much so thank you guys again!!!! LU ohs

This manga is really good!

A-ah and yes i'm late in saying thsi b-but...
HAppy Birthday Hibari san!!!! xDDDDDDDD

Thank you so much for this really ;v; I'm so happy to have been able to read this manga! It's really awesome~ xD I will patiently wait until next update~ Thank you so much for your hard work everyone! ;_________________; *saoHAPPY!*

Thank's a lot for uploade this one, I like it so much...^^

Thank's a lot for uploading this one, I like it so much...Bs

Thanks for the release! Bs

Awww I know I'm too late but Happy bday~ ^.^

AND Thank you so much guys, this manga is really good, mega like!

Happy new year!! (I'm so late though... lol)

LOL Thnx ^^


thanks for the release Bs

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