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Release #12: Another New Series

Happy Chinese New Years Guys! 

We got a new series! Especially done for Pandora!

[Volume 1 Chapter 1]

Hey guys, how are you? Its been what? three weeks since we last talked? ^^ Anyways! On to the Journal! (I think that what it's called)

TODAY! YESH TODAY! Its Pandora's Birthday guys! You Must Congratulate her! You know why? Do you? Well if you don't I'll gladly tell you. She is the one that has technically picked up every Non-Yaoi project we have or plan to do. Yesh that includes Yoshiwara Hana Oboro! She even does all those pretty pages *starts counting* She does the Birthday ones, not hers though, the Holidays ones, the credit pages...You get me! And she is our only Quality Checker! So bear with her! She sometimes is on the brink of the living world and the dead. I remember when she was keep awake the whole night (by none other than me, thank you very much lol) and she couldn't even SPEAK STRAIGHT! It was all zombies and "Brains..." *shakes head* I don't know even know how I understood what she was saying that time... SO please go and Thank her! All you have to do its Post here or even PM her ^^

Happy Chinese New Years! Year of the Dragon! OK, so maybe I just found out about it last night about it but hey! We at least know it, and just got it in time LOL. 

Now time for the release. Today we want to bring you guys 'Robo to Usakishi'! This one was picked up by Pandora! It has been in our To Do list for months now and finally it's going to release! This is a very long chapter @.@ and we hope you enjoy it. It was made by the same author as Ao No Exorcist *which is one of her favorite series* When I saw how much cleaning I had to do for one chapter, I was like "...I'm not doing this! *cries*" So when I was about to give up, I sent a plea for help to one of my friend who is a cleaner, Emi. 

So Robo...well it has teached me a little something about the Solar System! and what may happen in the future. Yep *nods*! Who would have thought that your can learn so much a manga? Well a lot of mangas have let me learn a lot of things from here and there. SO it begins all weird...A SCREW TALKS! But I do like how he looks afterwards >3 Not bad...If he was a little better I would have put him in my long list of Bishounens. But oh well... *cracks body* *looks around and spots the homework* =.=''' 

We are still working on the other projects so please be patient with us. We are trying our best u.u 

I don't really have much to say today D< 

Well guys this is good bye for now! *Runs off to finish homework* 

Again, Happy Chinese New year and Happy Birthday Pandora!

Until next time! 


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Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! Thanks again for translate this manga for us manga lovers!!!! Kyah yeah

I mean... 80 pages!! OMFG!! xD

lol tell us about it XD, just finding someone to translate that is hard lol

I'm a little lazyy... I mean... 66 pages...GOSH... hahaha xD
Happy B-day Pandora!! (Sorry, very late =/)

lol it's okay and thank you

I'm always late... ANYWAY!

Happy B-day Pandora~ ^.^

And thank you for the new series~~ :)

lol thank you yeah

Happy Birthday Pandora T-Ups
and happy chinese new year to all yeah

lol you too, thank you so much ohs

Happy Birthday Pandora! Hope it's a good one! ^_________________^

Thank you ^_^

awww thank you guys so much, I'm so happy and excited someone finally going to translate this manga. <333

Happy Birthday Pandora!

lol thanks ohs

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