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Well Belated Lover's Day, Tee-Hee. Also known as Every Single's Worst Enemy Day

.....[Chapter 6]............................[Volume 2 Chapter 1]

*Waits for the Squealing of the Yaoi fans to stop* 

Hey everybody! 
We got two Releases today! and it seems we have started our latest again, hahaha! I Know so many of you guys have been waiting for at least one of these Chapters. *waits again for the Yaoi fans* But before we get into the dealio, I wanted to ask how everyone is! and how everyone's Valentines went, personally mine went rather bad, I had two tests on that day~ After school my hand was sooo cramped from writing so much down for the tests~ This is one reason why we're a bit late, it's because Me and Kitty had tests around Lover's day. Us at Sweet Indulgent want to give you these Delicious Scanlations as your guy's Valentines day gift! 

Just because we love our readers! Definitively the ones who come to our sites, so I just want to give you all a big old bear hug~ >3 Even you guys, you can't escape my hug~

Our Releases today are Sweet Blood, and a Joint Thousand Year old Fox! I Know all you yaoi fans have been waiting for this release for soooooo long! And You shall have it! Your really going to enjoy this chapter, I know i did and i don't even really like yaoi *gets Killed by yaoi fans* so i know you guys will and will be back for more! But we are still looking for Korean Translators for this Project, so if you know Korean or know someone who does, pull them over here right away! So we can release this project much more quickly...

The Next Chapter we are releasing is Thousand Year old Fox, our Joint with A Duck's Paradise. We've finally reached volume 2! The reason why this one has been rather inactive is because their admin over there has gone missing and hasn't been heard from in a while!!!! We at Sweet Indulgent are very worried about her well being or at least I know that I am. 

 BUT! there is good news, Her co-admin Picked up the group and as started moving out once again. I personally think that is admirable, yet i can't help wonder what happened to our friend. I know everyone at Sweet Indulgent would be more than happy to invite the new admin with wide open arms in a sign of new friendship and hope that our Readers will do the same. As well as Wish them Luck!

Hopefully we'll have more releases soon and be more regular with our releases.
But as of now, look foreword for two new Joint projects that are expected to be released soon. Yay! >D I just hope you guys are excited for it, hur hur hur. What they are I wont tell, >3 I'm just evil that way Muahahahaha!

I Hope all you singles out there survived Lover's day intact, i know i barely did lol. Valentines day can be murder of the single's lonely heart. So i celebrate to those who have survived intact.
As well hope that all you couples survived the day intact too and come to love your other side all that much more~

Anyhow I need to go do my homework finally..... and get ready for school for tomorrow, so i think i shall end my rant here.

Like always with love,


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26 Pixie Grey  
First I'd like to begin with thanking every member of this group. It's full of awesome people. <3
Next is: Have been waiting for Sweet Blood since a long long long time. Please feed me with a new chapter of the fantastic series or i may die soon! Besides you guys are still doing the project, right?


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27 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
Yesh we are, Do not worry, we are working our hardest on our free time. You shall get some soon.

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25 ro0oro0o  
Thank you very much

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24 yonie  
aaah... when will you guys release a new chapter?... ohs i wouldn't mind pure blood as a treat ;) really, really hope to find it very soon Bs

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23 K  
THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!! KYAAA!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! *Yaoi fangirl screaming*

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22 yonie  
Hey guys! Don't you have any releases for us? ohs Pure Blood would make a great treat... ohs Can't wait ^^

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20 Jessica  
are you guys still around scanlating cause their havent been any releases for awhile.??

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21 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
Yesh we stil are, we just have been busy that is all. but there should be one soon.

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19 licad  
Thank you very much

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18 bluerose83  
Thank you very much!! Kyah

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17 hutaru  
thank you for your hard work !!!

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16 Kelly Jo  
Thank you very much!

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