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Release #14: Happy 4th of July 2012!

YESH~ Another release on time!

Which is rare for us...

        [Chapter 4]                    [Volume 1 Chapter 1]

First of all...Sorry!

We are sorry we haven't update in...almost...four months? Yeah...*Sweat drop* You can all blame it on school! Yesh~ SCHOOL! You heard me! We kinda were very busy all of a sudden...Finals...Projects... and more projects...and the list goes on an on! Hateful teachers! Didn't they know it was the end of the year! They shouldn't be doing all this stuff AT THE END OF THE YEAR! *sigh*...But we are back! And Stronger than ever! *whispers* Well...Maybe...

Pandora had to suffer through some pain, since a dear family member of hers of 10 years was lost to her u.u Rest in peace Mad Cow the cat

*Silence in memory of Mad Cow* 

Sooooooo frist of all *thinks* its been six months since I've talked to you, right guys? I really got no idea what to say, so I'll just write what comes to mind. Yesh, I am sorry we are not releasing anything that belongs solely to our group (Not that they belong to us, because the authors are the ones that own them but you get what I mean), and I'm sorry it took so long. We really felt sorry so we wanted to give you guys this release so you guys know that we are not dead. Not yet anyways. Hopefully we don't die pretty soon... That would be pretty sad... Specially after all the projects we have LOL and we haven't even finish any of them.
(and yet we keep getting more, I wonder why... *glares at Hibari*)

Second! Releases!! Woohooo *celebrates*Actually... These two releases would have been released a looonngg time ago, Sweet Girl was actually done a long time ago lol but yeah...It did not come to be releases until now. With Dokugan, it only needed to finish Quality Checking since a long time a go but stuff happened...(mostly my fault they said T^T (it was...)) and it as only come to be released now. 

Sweet Girl has Bishounens! *loves her bishounens* I am happy we have a joint with Within Silence for this project. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to do it so I asked her (who is my friend/daughter -Not in real life-) and she said Yesh! YAY FOR YESH! Can't really remember what it is about right now...But I think I found it funny...>3 sorry for my short term memory sometimes...This is why I have to ask the staff to put their names in everything they do D: cause then...I'll forget who did what..T^T my poor staff (not really sad for them Muahaha!)
(This is actually the first time that neither me or Hibari to actually worked on a chapter that we've released O: shocker~)

Dokugan...It is pure shounen, with a hit of romance in my opinion. But it has Bishounens to. Ah~ how I love when mangas are full of bishounens. Specially when it is yaoi...*mind starts drifting off* *shakes head* Anyways, Like all shounen mangas, it contains fighting. Can't really say if its intense or not... Cause I don't normally read Shounens LOL (only one she reads are Naruto, Bleach, REBORN!, Blue Exorcist, and some others) But hey, I cant say I no likey me some shounen!  This release was made possible by Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations ^^ They decided to make it a Joint with us so thank you Malu and Company!

Hope You guys enjoy this Shounen and Shoujo Release ^^

Third, some of you might not like this but we have dropped Sweet Pool. I really really reeeaaally wanted to do it, but it is going to be released this month by its Licensed Company, SuBlime, so if yu guys can, Go and grab a copy of it! I will grab mine when I can ;3. We have dropped Oousu Swing too (which was a joint) because Lively Scans have released it (with another group too). Well reason why we drop it was because they did a better job than us, (even thought we just needed to finish typesetting the 3 chapters and Quality check them) But oh well, to replace that! We have pick some new projects too, the titles thought, you guys will not know until they are released.  SO! Wait for them! MUAHAHAHAHA! Hopefully you guys like them when they do come out.  

Fourth! About our projects, we have been working hard on them, so pretty soon we should be getting releases again. Hopefully...we won't make you wait a long time for them this time. We should be getting to releasing in our old projects (meaning the ones that haven't been release in a while) but cant really name them now...'cause I don't know if they'll be ready by them. Hopefully, you guys are happy with what we release. 

Do...I keep repeating myself? I feel like I am....Meh! 

Fifth!! *Wouh... I think this is the longest I've named/numbered so far lol) We are still recruitment staff! Japanese and Korean translators would be a big help! Chinese too! Looking for cleaner 'cause well...I am dying from cleaning so much! and then I start to procrastinate and and and! ARRG! We are looking for Raw Provider too! We love us some High Quality scans lol.

Talking about Recruitment, Check out the new Recruitment page we have, courtesy by our Admin, Pandora -Like always- (Didn't mean that in a bad way, just that she always does it 'cause... she is awesome at doing them!! ;D) I found the page very cute /(*.*)\  So I hope you guys like it! 

SIX! Please remember to vote in our new poll. We always like to hear your opinions! If you don't think your opinion is heard enough with just an option we our selves put, then please do leave us a comment. I think we have a Request forum, so if you want something new or want to be hear go to the forum, or a new Project idea you would like us do or look at, please leave us a message there. If not, leave a comment here ^^.

Are you guys even reading this? I would actually want to know who read this...So leave a message in the comment box down below! Leave what ever you want! Tell me how I can improve in this @.@ or if its good like this and stuff! Whatever you think! 

I think there was a Seventh... but I don't even remember it anymore! So I am gonna end this post with this.  

I shall now tell you the titles of the next series! Their names are....





Not Really sorry to the reader for making them wait,

(Post Hijacking Brought to you by)
( - Pandora - )
(Hey guys and see you later~)
(Btw I think her seventh point was about Fourth of July : D 
I Hope all you Americans had a wonderful day and enjoyed yourselves)

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18 Dani  
It's okay we all understand why you guys haven't update your website!!! I totally understand that school can get in the ways of things that we want to do.

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17 ro0oro0o  
sweet girl happy what a cute manga
thank you

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16 Yuena  
I'm french and i love Yoshiwara Hana Oboro, so please i hope the chapter 4 and other.

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14 Ka  
Hello, it's my first time here. I was looking for news about Sweet Pool and saw that you guys are translating it, but I can't find anything here. Why?

Waiting reply. Thx.

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15 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
Because it was Licensed and already volume one came out so please buy t if you get the chance to. It has been licensed by suBLime.

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12 dombihugi  
Oh, I'm glad you are okay.:) Ganbatte!
I would like to vote for Pure Blood in the poll, but it's not there.^^" I heard, you adopted it from Storm in Heaven. I really hope it's true.^^"

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13 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
yesh, the only reason its not in the pol its because we havent release it yet. it shall be in the poll after we release it though (will release the Poll)

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11 Beryl  
Welcome back!!! You've been missed but I understand how school can consume your life

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9 ast0ne  
Welcome back! I bet you're glad schools over for the summer! thanks for the releases, it's greatly appreciated!

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10 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
Yesh we are *dsigh* and Thnx >3 Glad to be back. Andgoo to know u guys like the release.

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6 rakele  
Finally back!!!!!!!!!!!I was worring about you!!Happy to know you are still with us!!
Personally I hope to see soon a new Sweet Blood relase..I love it soooooooo much!!!I'm waiting from Valentine's day!!=)
Thank you for your hard work!!!=)

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5 orquidea  
Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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3 yonie  
Why, hello! Welcome back! It's been a loooooooooooong time, now hasn't it ;) It's great to have you back but! What about Pure Blood?... Is it finally going to appear? I mean, are you guys even in the process of scanlating it? I was honestly hoping that after being adopted out the story would jump out full and ready... or something... yet...
So? Please?... ohs

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4 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
LOL yesh Yonie, I am actually thinking of you and your Pure Blood, Actually... Nah cant tell you, or it'll go agaisnt what i wrote LOL so wait for it!

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7 yonie  
Oh, my! You're thinking of me, how nice ;) Bet you're already tired of me and my PB, tho ;) Sooorryyyyy! I just really like the story! Thanks for caring T-Ups

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8 Hibari-Tsuna-4-ever  
LOL no no, im not tired of you, actually i like u very much Oo *does thateven sound right?* SO do not worry ^^

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