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Release #15: Still alive and Kicking.

Thought we was dead did you?
Well, no WE ARE NOT!

[Volume 2 Chapter 6]


 Hey guys~ How have you been? Good? Bad? Tired? Waiting for us?

Well us too LOL At this very moment, you guys might be wondering, "Hey, Why is Hibari-Tsuna doing the Entry? wasn't it suppose to be Pandora?" yeah I know u.u and some of you might be saying, "I like her post! Give her back!" Well sorry if I'm boring D:

Pandora, Our second admin and Quality Checker, is at this very moment, veryyy sick. When she is NOT sick, she is either dying of tiredness, or veryyy busy with school. She could not write this post or release, neither work on our projects because as i said before , she is tired, sick, tired or busy u.u. he same has been happening with me, (not the sick part) Freeking school wants to kill us lately, and not give us any time to ourselves. I am sorry that we haven't release anything, but we will try to release more ^^''(though that might kill us). Though...It might be wayy harder for us to do that with Pandora now taking an OFFICIAL break from the group. As you might notice when you read this Chapter, the quality checker was not, I repeat, NOT Pandora, it was one of my friends from another group -Friendship Scanlations- so yeah u.u please, forgive my slowness from now on.

Today~~~~ YESH TODAY! We are releasing what most of you have been waiting for! Pure Blood!! *hears Claps and whistles from Yaoi fans around the world* Thank you Thank you~ *gets glared by them again* Um...*tries to get back to topic*Anyways~! I would like to thank Storm In Heaven for allowing us to adopt this project form them ^^, I really like this story and I hope you guys like it too (I already know some of you do >:D), If you haven't read it, please do give it a try for those that read our Sweet Blood and Devil's Bride.

Talking about Sweet Blood and Devil's Bride, I would like to inform you that we ARE working on them >). Our to Korean Translators, Rockgollem and Sunie, are back. They have been working on those two and some others~ *refering to Sunie, who is a cleaner, translator AND a scanner aka Raw Provider.* ;D Please do wait for them soon, *more like on Our Anniversary*. Do you guys remember when it is?

Sunie being back, She has brought with her two new projects that we wanted to pick up, *well one, the other I just HAD to do it when i saw it* MEaning we are picking up three, I repeat, THREE projects~! One for each genre...kinda...LOL. For our Shoujo members out there, Unjou Roukaku Kidan  is here. For our Yaoi members or Shounen Ai member,s Kids Log, and for our Novels member? Aku no Musume. Yesh, WE ARE DOING THE NOVEL! So please do wait for them~! *For Aku I am scanning it cause I have all the books*. The to mangas are already being translated ^^ so Yay~!

Hmm, Other projects...well we are working on them too, but don't wanna say anything. I am just happy we got raws for projects we wanted to do >3.

Once again please forgive my slowness, and thank you for still following us. Tahnk you for the people who have been helping us too so far, like Friendship Scans. They have provided us with some Cleaners, and Japanese translators for the new projects. Please do go and check them out.

Enjoy Pure Blood, because it was a killer for me, and Please continue to support us ^^.

Loving the Yaoi members,

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thank you for your hard work :D pls do continue :D

I was waiting for this release but, after seeing your dowloading policy, I'll drop it.
Really, this "have x posts to download" is frankly stupid and serious groups, like Storm in Heaven was, never asked for this.

welcome back ~ thanks for all the effort ~ cant waiting for other Kyah

Thank you so much for the new chapter!! TvT Can't wait for the next one~ OvO

I'm so excited that you guys adopt Pure Blood!!! I love this manga series so much even though i only read the chapters that was avaible!!!

OG Orphan projects being picked up are such a JOY!! Thank you!

Hibari how can I contact you?I could not find your mail o a page where I can write. I send a mail mounth ago in the section "Contact us", but I don't know if you received it.Sorry to disturb you here. Anyway, thank you so much for your work!!

I do not think it came through, sorry. U can try again or if you got a user here, just message me (PM).

I can't tell you how excited I am to hear that you guys are still working on Sweet Blood!! Every time I read through those chapters and hit the end, well, you know how it is...

Anyways, thanks for hanging in there and continuing your work!!

thank you for the great work and all the great news OG

Thanks for the adoption. I have been waiting for the continuation of this manga! LU

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