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Release #16: Merry Xmas You Hungry Readers~

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, And... A Second Birthday To Us~

[Chapter 7]

Hey Guys~!

How have you been? As you all know, we have been busy, but we have been working, veryyy veryyy slowly. Just for today FOR TODAY~ I wanted to release this, though I wanted to release more, but time did not allowed it.

Here is Chapter 7! What you SB lovers have been waiting for! What will the Vampire do now~~~? Read to find out!!!

Firstly, I want to thank Hespia for joining us! She is our new Korean yaoi translator! SO you should have Devil's Bride and Sweet Blood more sooner now! Devil's Bride is very advanced at the moment and I am sooo happy about it! *Really Likes Devil's Bride*

We are looking for:
-Japanese translators for-
     1- Who of You know this one?
     2-*This one is Shounen-Ai and is very cute so i want it translated...  NOW!
     3-Sme other new Prjects we have suddely found and already to their way to being scanned.

-We need Cleaner
-And maybe some hopeful good Quality checkers~

Third, Happy Belated Second Birthday to us!! We are 2! *puts fingers off to show off like a little kid*

For our next release, Please ait for our projects that havnt been releaed in a while.
-Devil's Bride
-Pure Blood
-Robot to Usagi
-A new Project
-Another New Project (hopefully)
-Another~ New Project (Again Hopefully)
-1000 Fox
-From Hell
And Maybe more!

So please >< Bear with us...Again!

Happy Holidays from us~~ And please message us!

Forever the Yaoi Fan

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I still have no clue on how to download/find the manga on the site ahahahah. orz

I wounded when we will find out what happens to make him hate guys oh and when is it gonna come out agin becuse I can't Waite

Kyah thank you L
and wish all of you merry xmas (little belated but from heart!) and a happy new year! happy

Thank you so much! This manhwa is really interesting

Bs I love this manhwa thanks so much... long awaited. L


Another thing I forgot to mention about that pic. If you know who its by It might be easier to find it. Or at least have an Idea of who its by via the art. If someone recognizes the art and can get a few names up. Well It might be possible to narrow the list and find it! I've done it before! (loves hunting things down).
Again sorry for doing two in a row I just forgot to say this lol!

OMG I adore Sweet blood and Devils bride!! Can't wait for more. I like flipped when I saw that chapter 7 was up and running!! WOOTERS!! Sorry I cant be of any assistance. I've no tallent in the feild of Translation, scan, ect. But I wish you all the luck in the world!!
and Marry Christmas to you all as well!!

Thank you so much for the release! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you so much for the release

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