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Release #17: Happy New Years!
Happy new years Everyone!
What? It's still new years don't look at me like that

[Chapter 3]

Shocked to see me or what? Haha yeah I had time to work during the break, but unforgettably I'll still be away for most of the time next term it seems like it'll be even worst than the last. Hopefully! I might have time to work off and on.
*weak laugh*

Well, Happy New Years everyone! Hey it is still New years! Well... granted late on New Years, but it's New Years all the same! And Remember it's also Kitty's Or Hibari's BIRTHDAY TODAY! SO wish her a happy birthday! Because with out her there wouldn't be this group or the many many many many many many.... *cough* projects. She deserves an extra happy, Happy Birthday because I haven't been able to put my knees into the group since the start of school. Just some light spam removal, even when on break i couldn't keep totally out of the group T^T. So tell her how much you appreciate her and her hard work with the group if you can.

Well I know you yaoi fans have been wanting some more yaoi, and the president of the yaoi club too... * sneaky glances to the corner of my eyes at Hibari* ... *cough* Well, I know this chapter was super sad to me TT^TT and super sweet as well. I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

Like always to download the release you must make 5 non Spamming posts. Then you will want to make a thread in the appropriate forum section with those links and get them approved by an admin or mod to become a reader and get the ability to download the chapter.

By the way Hibari want me to tell you guys that I like writing the journals. But you guys don't really care do you? Hahaha as long as you guys get your release right? :D It really doesn't matter who writes them does it? hmm *thinks* I wonder does it? :3 maybe you guys can comment below and tell us who you like the journal posts from the most? just to see, not that it'll change ahahaha!

I think that is everything for this release, I might be slipping.
But Like always with love,


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Thanks, I love this manga

Thanks <3

I can't get any d/l links?! Is there something wrong with my access or does this apply to every member? T_T

You have to be a reader to be able to get to the download links

Thank you!

This is so great! I thought that this manga wasn't being scanlated... NIIIIIICE!

Hello, I wish you a happy new year too (little late)~
I'm so happy I finally found somewhere that still translating this manhwa! I love the style of the autor, this long hairs and detailed faces. Plus the clothes and accessorises, and the perfect plots!
I'm really really happy >< I read Boy Princess very fast and jump to this one, but I didn't find it (only until chap 5) and I've been looking for it and and and T_T
I'll be here every update, so please do it fast ><
Thank you! ♥~

Thanks. This is a great manga!!!

Just wanted to pop in to say, thank you so much for the releases (: I enjoy them immensely.

YAY! Your welcome! and thank you for commenting!!!

No one is commenting T^T did i scare everyone away?

LOL i think you did.

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