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Release #18: Getting Back in Track!

My Mom told me that I was Abnormal...*pauses* She was right!




slkjbbqwiiu[Chapter 1]

Yes! We are finally able to get back in track! Sorry it took us so long!

Today we are bringing you a new series that had been on our 'Future Project" list for a while. I shall name it Kage, Kage because the name is soo long....that i cant even remember it. Tsuki ni Tsubame to Migi ni Kage is our shoujo project that Pandora wanted to work on (way back when Hana was picked up by us). I really like the art style so i worked hard on this chapter to make it as pretty as possible!

Kage= Youkai...Human...What can't you like about this? Of course, not everyone likes this thing and I understand but please do give it a try before you say anything about it ^^

I actually thought this was a Shounen manga, until Shoujo popped into my sight. Maybe thats why the art style is pretty? *She knows its not because of that but it just entered her mind...*

~About our group, and a little info about what is going on around us~

-Hibari Decided to finally work on the projects, even though she lost almost everything she had, after her new laptop came in a few days ago.
-Saw Pandora had this chapter and decided to make her *more like asked nicely* to Quality Check this for her.
-Started recruiting as soon as she could.
-New Staff joined which made Hibari happy.
-Hibari continues to work on the other things she could salvage.

And I guess that's it. I have been busy with school but now that I am taking only one Class for summer courses, I got more free time so I want to release as much as we can before we suddenly disappear again lol.

AND THATS WHY!! *Tatatatannnn* We need people!!!
-We are still looking for Translators!!! -Chinese, Japanese, and Korean-
-Proofreader -One or Two- might be appreciated.
-Cleaners who could help us clean HQ! -Don't know how to? We can teach you!-
- A few -One or Two- Typesetters would also make us glad.
-Quality Checkers who can check Over cleaning, typesetter and Proofreader will be welcomed.

So come, We don't bite!! We will just take you to the dark side, where your pleasures will be granted! -slowly but surely-

So COME!!!!
~Hibari, the Biter to Death.

PS: PM me if you have permission from us to re-translate one of our projects. Just want to have everything updated. Info I need is Your group, the project (Manga) and Language.

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Welcome back ^^  Good to hear from you.  Hope you find the people you need to help you out...sadly I'm totally useless with this stuff.  The only thing I'm good at it reading it! XD.  Take care!


Thankx ast0ne! and lol, yeah, I used to be like that until i was like, U know what?! I can at least learn how to Clean and Type. now im a Editor! ^^ and I'm happy to release mangas. But slowly but surely, we are finding people to help us ^^. I hope you continue to support us!!

Welcome Back.
Thank you so much for all the hard work.

Thank you for having us Back ^^ And you are welcome ^^, Manga deserve the hard work we put into them.

happy you are back! welcome! looking forward for all! and thank you:)

=D Happy people are still with us!! Thank you for having us back!

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