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Release #19: Horror...is Horrifying!

An irreversible error has occured....An Irreversible.........

slkjbbqwiiu[Chapter 1-2]

Hey guys!! Another release and that took...I dont know >> You do the calculation! This was actually suppost to be released yesterday....Yeepee! lol

First of all, I want to thank the awesome staff that made this release possible. Ayaka, Gintoki-Chan. Without them, this wouldn't have been able to be here at this moment.

Actually, there was going to be a One shot released, but things happened and it cant be out right now. Please enjoy this release of Corpse Party. Just saying....I'm not really a fan of horror....=_=

We are working on our projects and there are already Three....THREE new things on our list to do~ No spoils though!

We still need you guys!!! Korean, Japanese, and Chinese translators are needed badly!! Cleaners and Quality checkers are also needed!! Please do come to us!!! We don't bite... Nope, not at all!!

Also, since i mentioned Gintoki-Chan up there, let's give her and another awesome staff a great welcome!

Gintoki-Chan is our new Typesetter who made possible the released of Corpse chapter 1.
Yokoai is a very fast awesome Proofreader who has been proofreading all of our chapters who needed help in that position so please do welcome them!! *Claps really loud in the silence*

Now come...You, too, join us! You will be a great tool- I mean help to us!

Hibari, The biter to Death.


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