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We just made our first release! FINALLY! 

[Volume 1: chapter 1]

You can download it
here AFTER becoming a reader in the forum. To become a Reader you must at at least five normal non-spamming posts.

We hope you enjoy the first chapter of Daughter of the Nile, and hopefully the next one will become out faster. We know it took a long time to release just this one chapter… But we are still looking for staff! Like good PR’s Cleaners, Typesetters, You name it and we need it! We also want to start on some other projects as well, but we are so under-manned for the jobs. Even though we know we don’t have all the tests up for the jobs, but if you’re interested Please Contact us! Then we’ll see if we can’t do some on the job test 

We also have some sad news… 

Chibi Devi a possible project we wanted to do got picked up by another group, but we aren’t giving up hope, it’s still possible if the scan group goes under we’ll defintly snatched up again!

Enjoy the release, and have a good one!       

PS, Thanks to all who made this release Possible!  

Good Job Guys 

- Pandora -


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This manga was published in my country a long time ago, but it never reach the end. I heard from a friend that there was the end somewhere on the internet, and she already told me once, but I've never seen it with my own eyes >_<. Hopefully I'll be able to read it soon :D. Thanks very much for picking this manga ~

Thanks so much for picking up this manga! i really love it. It's really annoying when your can't read the end or even find it anywhere! The old ones stop at 56 and then jump to 66 and hang at 84!! WTH.
Once again THANKS! Really appreciate the hard work and effort!;)

Hi could you guys do me a favor? could you please release with the missing chapters first? Bs i really love the Daughter of the Nile manga. L but no matter which website i go on to read the manga, it has chapters missing, so i can't read past ch. 56! shock thanks, i really appreciate it T-Ups
have a nice day! bye

i second to what T1 said. i'm thanking you for picking this up but i think it's a waste of time and effort to start from the very beginning. in Mangafox it's already up to 84. from what i see, they're not bad.

i've been interested in reading this for quite sometime but it was dropped so i haven't. now that you've picked it up, i started reading. ^_^ i'm really hoping you'll complete this :) well good luck!! see you when i see you :D and Thanks in advance ;)

Yes we Know XD And thats why we are trying to work fast on this series. T-Ups DOnt worry, we appeciate u telling us what u think!

YAY! L I love this manga so much.

As I said to the other group which is probably dead now....why start from the start?
They released like 10 chapters...the other did 56...Is there a point for us to read your release and not the two others? Do you think people will follow this manhua before you reach where the rest of us are waiting? If you really want to do it from the start I'd recommend you to also release the chapters over 56+ while you catch up with these so people will come and you will be delighted to see them come. They keep up the motivation cuz doing 56 chapters without that many downloads or thanks...well it doesn't hold. Hope you will take this into account^^

Good luck, see ya when you reach to where I left^^

yes i appriciate this, we though of this, but we also though of the people that havent read this too. so we decide to do it from the begining, and dont worry we will release over 56 of this manga OG thnx for the thoughfullness, hope you will still follow us when that time come Yay

Thank you~~~!! ^___^
Can't wait to see future releases for Ouke no Monshou, I absolutely love this manga. :)

I really appreciate your hard work! <333

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