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Release #20: Shall We Go In Search Of Eternity?

I went on a Short trip in search of Eternity... Never Found it.

slkjbbqwiiu[One Shot]

Yay~ Finally get to release this One shot!! Just saying please excuse the quality. We are horrible at scanning from magazines.

This one shot has been on our hands for i think...one or two years... We finally got around to doing it after so many things~ I wanna thank Sunie for scanning this for us! She was the one who wanted to do this one and I'm happy we did it. I guess this is, somehow, how we think at one point in our lifes. -Is that event true though? Not sure since I haven't thought like this.-

As for Love...

Anyways! I wanna welcome Our New staff!! We got A few PRs and because of this WE ARE NOT RECRUITING FOR PROOFREADERS! Also, A Japanese Translator join us sooooo! Thos that have been awaiting new projects from us~ Your wait is almost up! Even as I write this at this moment, our translator is working on the projects!

But just because we got a new translator does it mean we are not searching for more staff!

CLEANERS would also be very welcoming since we got translations that we can't work because we just don't got enough of you....Same for TYPESETTERS!
We are also in need of ONE QUALITY CHECKER!

Please do come and join us. As always, we really don't Bite...
Enjoy our new release, and happy Day?

Hibari, The biter to Death.


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