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Release #22: Come Back!!

And you guys thought we were dead for good, didn't you?


Hello, there guys. Its been sooooo but soooooo long hasn't it?

But no worries! We are here! Bringing you new releases and old releases alike! -Well, technically, they are more new than old but ignore that!!- 

First of all (before we get into the release), we are recruiting! We require---
-Proofreaders (that can fix grammar mistakes and such)
-Translators (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese)
-Quality Checkers

Please leave me a message or message us at Sweet-Indulgent@live.com and tells us what you you like to do (Contact form is also available at the top of this page).

We got a new Administrator. Ayaka is the one that suggested Yeonmo. Please welcome her and I hope she stays with us for years to come! I am glad she has join us because she is a big help! She will be our Quality checker and an Admin for Sweet Indulgent.

Releases! YES! I am so happy we are releasing! First question i know you guys have is, Why Yoshiwara Hana Oboro? Well, I feel too attached to that manga since it was once of the first projects even if another group has already finish it.

Yeonliji...Well, Ayaka liked this one but there was one little problem with this one; we weren't sure if it was shounen-ai or shoujo so we said "If its shounen-ai its for Hibari, if Shoujo its Ayaka" so as you can see, I shall be taking care of it so its shounen-ai <3 I love BL so I hope something you guys enjoy BL too. I hope this one gets good cause i love me some good BL (shounen-ai or Yaoi).

Yeonmo is a joint with Misty Rain Scans. I give them thanks for working with us on this one. I seriosuly haven't read this one but I shall be reading it now that we have pick it up. We have plans to finish this one soon so I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Special thanks to Wen-Chan for doing the watermark on our page for us. She took the time to draw us (since i asked her in such a short time) a watermark with Gakupo, Kaito & Miku, and Rin & Len. I shall give you a hint. This are all going to or are going to be part of our projects *winks). Thank you to Jay and MireaTsu for working on this so fast. You guys are the best! And of course, Ayaka for QC-ing this!

Please remember to read How to Download our Releases if you are new to our forums to be able to download any of our projects.

I'll cut this message now.

Please do come back, for we have more releases for Xmas *winks*



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