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Release #23: More of the Yeon Attack!

They won't stop attacking for a while yet.




Hello~! Happy new Years~ (where ever its still is) and Merry belated Xmas!

Well, actually....this was supposed to be released in Chrismas but stuff happened.....You know, the usual. But we really wanted to release so we worked hard! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Yeonliji is getting interesting <3 I am already going for the main pairing (or both main characters) to get together, but then I think..."Years! Why don't you go faster!? I don't want shotacon! I dont like shotancon!" So even though it just began...I am already hoping. YEt my mind tells me this won't happen any time soon... Yet I can still hope!

As for yeonmo....I still don't know anything about it. Call me crazy for working on something I have yet to read and even though i said in the last post i will read it, I still have't read it. Knowing myself, I won't read it until we finish scanlating it (6 more chapters to go). Hopefully we finish it soon. 

Well, I don't know why I am writing this post... I don't know if some og you loyal fast remember but today is my birthday~ one of my Kohai made me a happy birthday picture ^ its so cute~ And then i asked her to dedicate it for me so I could put it in the chapters. I hope that you guys get a laugh out of it like i did xD and also, she drew the picture in it (she was the one that drew the watermark for Sweet Indulgent)

Please enjoy your read, and again, Happy holidays!

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2 manenaluca  
First, Happy Birthday!And Happy New Year !Next : I can't THANK YOU enough for continuing Yeonmo! I love it and had lost hope to see it finished...That's why, once again, THANK YOU!!!

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1 domi  
thank you and hope your holidays were great:)

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