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Release #24: Yaoi?

I Love you Yaoi/Shounen Ai!!!



Hey guys~!

Just saying >> but we do got other projects than BL its juyst we need translators fo those....

But hey! WHo cares right now?! BL!! <3 (Looks at Ayaka who doesnt like very much BL) xD

Sweet Blood~ I am back! I missed you. It was always my plan to continued this one. We had everything ready~ We just had to techncially reworked it though cause we got better raws now. Hurray for Gem! Thank you so much for them!

Sweet Blood was one fo the first projects that I dedicated so much time into and I just had to work on it again. This for, until the end, Yeah

Enemy...Yeah...Another new one...bite me! Well this one...19 years or olders only!!! Please... if your not this age, well I am not at fault. This one seems that alot of stuff is bound to go down and I am happy for that, just it seems also many weird things are bound to go down....yeah...lets wait and see.

In Yeonliji we get to know a little about the "Brides" past. I am sure we will know more soon. Though I cant wait until the main character (wait...they are both males so lets say the Older one!) starts changing towards the younger one. <3 Man do I love slow romance.

There is also a poll to the left of this, please vote on it guys~ it will be really appriciated, it will be your voice to us, telling us what you would like to be released next.

Please do leave us a comment if you enhoy this projects. We want to know how much you guys like it or if you guys like it at all...

Non BL Readers! We haven't forgotten you so bare(?) with us!

Translatorsand Cleaners are still needed. Message us, Email us or contact us any form you can for an application.

For now I shall go, Its very late already.
Happy Reading~!

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13 mariacatalina588  
I'm really sorry for Kasan.He endures too much ;-; Thanks for those releases <3

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12 isabelleanhhuynh  
I just read to take an enemy's heart, and I really liked the art and the characters!
Thanks for releasing this new project, I can't wait to see what happens next!

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11 Kumiko  
Thank you very much for the release ^3^

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10 pomo_loco  
Thank you so much for your hard work and the release.

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9 daring_angel28  
Thank you sooo much for the release :)

Can't wait to read it :)

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8 fatinclara  
hope for more update in future..

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7 fatinclara  
thank you very much

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6 fatinclara  
good job to all of you

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5 fatinclara  
this story look intersting

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4 fatinclara  
thank a lot

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