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Release #28: Day 3

I don't know...




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Hello for the third day guys~ I hope you have enjoy our webtoons so far! I sure have. Here comes another new one~ xD ahh yaoi, can't stop me! I mean, come on~ If you are here, its because you like it too!

Now Brilli...well i read the summary and i am hoping, HOPING its not incest... i dont really like incest but fear not, if it is...It shall still be scanned here. I promise you that, unless you know...author contact us and stuff.

The prologue doesnt look like much but I am sure you guys will still expect more. Please leave us a like or a comment here in the website or in our Facebook page.

We are still in need of Japanese/Korean translators! Cleaners and Typesetters are also in need. Please do give us a message if you are interested.

Until tomorrow!


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1 nlovey4ever  
Thank you ~ ! Incest or not just come at me! Yummies!!

Thanks again :Yay:

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