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Release #2! A New Series

 Yes!! As the entry name says, we finally got our second release!!

[Chapter 1]

The first chapter is out. You can find it here AFTER you have become a reader. To know how to do this, read the 'Rule to Download' under 'To Download Releases' in the forum.

We hope you guys enjoy this chapter, 'cause i know i did. XD

I am already in love with this series.

Another thing, we are still looking for staff, specially Translators (yes, i know its pitiful but it must be said v.v). We are looking for Cleaners, typesetters, and Proofreaders too. Please, If you can and are interested in joining us, please do so.

If you want to joint us, but do not know how to clean or typeset, we can help you by teaching you. Of course you'll cry tears of blood with our training *evil laugh*. No I'm kidding LOL.....or...am...I?

Well the end is drawing near. Please continue to support us by reading our work.

Enjoy and Good day.



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Hello, I am the maintainer of Nagareboshi Scans, and would you like to do a joint with us on this project?? I was thinking of translating this manhwa, and I can provide the translations and a cleaner/typesetter. Email me if you like to :)

No. We would not like to do a Joint with this Projects. I am very sorry.

I could possibly help you guys with proofreading but I can't find a topic about proofreading in your "Recruitment"-file in the Forum.

Ah yes, about that. We haven't gotten one up yet. At the moment we're doing some on the job pring

Oh, wow! Looks very good! Thank you SO SO MUCH!! I look forward to more.

Kyah Thank you so very much!!! Kyah
I'm so happy that someone has picked up this project! L This manhwa is really interesting! T-Ups I can't wait for more chapters!

OG I would like to said thanks so much for the hard work ~ hope it will have more LU

I love it
amazing just amazing ^^

ps:there will be more right ? @.@

Of course there will be more. Soon in fact. So please keep an eye out!

have been looking forward to read this Kyah
thank you so much Bs

uwahhhh it's been a long time since I read a korean bl manwha
Thanks a lot :D

Your welcome ^_^

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