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Release #31: Day 6



Remember that our Facebook is now available~ Please do like us or follow us!

Also, Before going into the release, I would like to say something. YEsterday I noticed that "Marry Me?" chapter 02 was already in websites in a few hours. Don't get me wrong, I am happy people seem to like it so much but please don't do it before the 24 hour wait perios. I'm not mad but I just want people to take a little time (just ONE day) to come visit our website and at least tell us their thanks. Don't you think so? This makes us very happy when it happens so just give us this little bit of time, please? Thank you.

Well Day 6 is here. So close to the end of the week. Brilli is finally starting at the begining (if you can call it that). Still, it brings questions of what could have happened between the first chapter and all the way to the prologue. Seems like our questions will be answered...but not anytime soon. Still, makes me hope...that they are not really brothers by blood. (still hoping, yes.)

We are still in need of Japanese/Korean translators. Also, Cleaners and Typesetter. reallly...we do...Please apply if you think you can help us ^^

See you tomorrow on the last day~

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3 BUZZ1990  
I'm very curious to read this series, thank you very much for picking it up and all your work on it to share!

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2 tokkei12  
Thanks for the first chapter! Really interested to find out the circumstances behind that prologue >.<

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1 ckai2m  
I love the style of "Marry me". Thank you for picking it up !

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