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Release #33: The Lonely Day

This is a Non-Lover Day!


Remember that our Facebook is now available~ Please do like us or follow us! -Please come back tomorrow for more~-

Well then, this is a very long list...at least bigger than what we are usually able to release~

We actually had planned to released more, but well, i guess you could say not enough time so we shall release more tomorrow until we finished the plan we had for today.

Happy new Years (Lunar Year) to everyone!! Kinda late I know... Please count this as part of that? ^^'

Baby is still so cute!! I can't wait until it advances more! I know i know, that might take a while but hey! Let me dream!!!!

Marry me? ... Well, still fluffy <3 I mean, you can't regect it! Embrace it! Dont question it! -I know I am-. Lets find out how Minami is~! (...is that even his name? I forget them! Too hetic this week!) For some reason he must be single right?

Robo~!!!!! Yay~~~ Its been so long! Freeking long chapters >> Why most they be so long? Reason why we procrastinate on them...Don't blame us. Im sure you guys like reading long chapters but when you work on them...is a completly different story. We get to see a little more of the solar system and what it ha sbecome in the future, we found out who Robo is and Well...Usakichi...

Sweet Blood <3 Still love you! Man, i love this serie so much! I am so happy we got a staff for this so I am happy that this shall be a normal project~ We released Chapter 12 ahead because we are working on chapters 9, 10, and 11 but we didn't want you guys to wait for these *winks* so here it is. Man I love that Vampire guy <3 THe falling in love shall be hard! Don't you think so guys? 

Taishou Romantica is a new series (whispers: with another new series that shouold had been out today but shall be out tomorrow)that Aya wanted to work on and well, since it looks promising I just couldn't say no, right? This is the first Josei in our group so I am happy it won't be the normal shoujo crap we are usually reading lately -not that i still don't read them >> but yout my meaning.- Old Japan is the setting of this manga (or was it Europe? Idk check it out for me guys) and it seems that the main guy is one of those guys that you cannot not love. Can't wait for it to progress more <3.

Continuation fo Enemy is here~ Gosh, I can't believe that Enemy just won't give up its crown to the others xD (From the poll, which has more than half votes on it compared to the other projects). Talking about polls, theres a new one so please vote on it~ Yeah...there are some more that we shall be releasing tomorrow in there....soooo you could wait to vote until those are out. As for enemy, I think he is starting to notice out slave main guy more... Does this mean that we can finally go into the romance part?? I hope so!

And last one is yeonliji. It is so cute, but sadly, i didnt really read it so i can't say much for it =( (usually works on all our projects somehow so she has something to say about  the projects) so forgive me...

I wan't to give a big shout out to Seara-Chan for helping me soooo much with this release! Without you, this couldn't happen at this moment. Also to Aya for cleaning almost everything that we had planned for today even though she was so busy with work.

Please Join us guys! We are in need of a Japanese, a Chinese, and a Korean translator. Cleaners and typesetters are also needed so don't be shy!!

Remember guys~ Come back tomorrow, and vote on our poll!


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Can't wait for new releases <3 Thank you so much for your effort :3

Can u release yeonliji more pleaseee ill support u guys Kyah T-Ups Bs Bs Bs Bs Bs

Wow, thank you so much for all of the releases, and a belated Happy Lunar New Year to you guys as well!

Thank you for the releases and for all your hard work! Can't wait for what's  next!

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