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Release #36: The Goldigger Continues

Everything for money!


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Today I bring you some more Baby Diary Chapters~. I know, I know, they are short but I still hope you guys enjoy them ^^ I can't wait until that baby grows up...and I hope we see BL soon....it has to be soon....or ill be an old lady by the time he is even a teenager... And I dont want that!

Minami on the other hand... He needs to learn his objectives! He should know blindating is not always the right answer! *shakes head* Well, I'm sure soon enough he'll see Merry is the one for him soooo <3 We shall wait for that, ne~~? Still Minami is so gorgeous yet... he thinks himself too big...don't you guys think? Still funny though lol.

We are still in need of cleaners, typesetter, Japanese, Chinese and Korean translators~ Please do send us a message if you are interested ^^

Until next time~

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Thank you for all three chapters!

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