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Release #37: The New World is Discovered

It was bound to happen sooner or later...


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Hello guys~

Sorry I've been gone for a few. I think I told you guys school began for me so I've been busy... (since I'm mostly the cleaner for our group)

Today I'll give you guys our short chapter series (cause you know, i've been busy...) Baby Diary and I hope you guys enjoy it. Four chapters will hopefully satisfy you guys....<3 -Though I doubt it lol-

Well...As the story continues, the new world is discovered...Now one wonders how this will develope....LOL I'm sure it shall be funny.

Next Release, I'll try to bring some things I wanted for the longest >< I don't want our staff hard work to be for nothing, and I want to show it off <3 THey are amazing so I want you guys to see just how amazing they are~ Don't you think?

Also, Here's the little tag for our project that should be released next!

Seems familiar? I'm sure you guys know the author!! Not Sure? Well, check it in our forum! It is in our future projects~! (just click the future tab!)

I'm sure you guys are as or more excited than me! I just re-read the series you guys are thinking about and I still love it!

Wait for it!!

Enjoy~ And do leave us a comment.

We still are in need of Cleaner, translators and typesetters~ Leave us a message via our email or anything you think will reach us ^^

Until next time!

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5 fantasmasxxi  
Thank you very much!<33
P.D: And the new project looks very interesting

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4 giulianapapu  
I am just joining this group and found tha you already have a new project, that is wonderfull, I can´t wait to read it...
Thank you very much for all your work.

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3 luxaplux  
Wait, she's got a new project? YES! I'm a little surprised at how little attention she's gotten given how popular Totally Captivated was. Anyway, looking forward to it!

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2 kataomori  

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1 tokkei12  
Awesome, thanks for all the chapters, and looking forward to the new project!

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