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Release #38: This Company...

I shall love the girls and I know it!

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Astad is back~ With more story telling! I love this kind of Webtoon. So happy We picked up this one. All thanks to Rock~ the translator of the webtoon. We learn alittle more of the country and its creation where the old man comes from. I wonder... I wont say anything for now.

Baby diary <3! I continue today with two chapters of it because you know how it is...very short! LOL But that chapter! Did the Author....just...OMG! <3 Won't say anything so you guys can see it your self but i love it <33333 I hope we see more of it!

For work, fight and love... OMG We finally released it~ TOok a while since i got busy but I am sooo happy! I loved and still love Totally Captivated so I got hopes for this one! Hope is as good or even better than it. Already I see the humor i loved in Totally Captivated but I will not always be comparing it. Want to see how it does as its own manwha ^^. Do follow me along in this quest of mine.

Here is the picture for our easten holiday...

News about the other projects~
-Enemy: I will try to upload it soon, sorry it hasnt been upload it sooner, just been busy.
-Yeonlijo; Same as with Enemy.

I guess same with the other projects. I want to release a few other projects i have been meaning before i continue with the oens that You guys love so much. I know i know, its torture but I am trying.... I want to finish some of the projects because they are so good~  I shall, one of these days, release alot, and get closer to my goal, don't you guys think?

Well, for now, good night guys~ Hope to see you on the next release! Do leave us a comment on how you like Work, Fight and Love. I would love to hear it!

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It`s Yoo Ha Jin! so excited to read it!
Thank you so much for picking up this manga!

Thank you for the releases.

Thank you so much for the new releases!

Thanks for Baby Diary! And heh, no wonder the preview pic of Work, Fight and Love reminded me of Totally Captivated :)

@Baby Diary OMG! ! ! That 10th chapter.. What just happened?! XD Why was the prince like that all of a sudden..? That surprised me.. I'm glad to see him looking like that,though. Intersting. Interesting. Ufufufu ~ Thank you for all your hard work!

Thanks very much for the new releases.

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