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Release #39: Shounen Ai and Childcare

Theres just something about it...just something about it that I love too much


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Finally! Kids Log is here! THis manga has been calling me for years! And i can finally release it! YAYYYY! I suddenly feel like one of the kids in the manga... I wouldn't mind it, i would be in my favorite kind of world, dont you think?

Kids Log is a Shounen ai with my favorite kind of sentting in BL mangas, childcare. Theres just something ahout it that makes you not love it! And love it I shall! Of course, this requires a Japanese trans...so it will not be done as fast as i would like it, but I do have the raws (of course <3) so if anyone wants to some and help us work on it, please send us a message ^^

I mean, look at that little boy, you just can't resist him! come now come! Cause the action won't be long (I hope).

Now come, i won't take more of your time. Go and read that adorable manga that you know you love. Join me on this dark yet pink sice of BL <3 Cause there is no shame to it.


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lovely! Thank you so much for this new series!  ohs

i had liked a to z manga by hashiba maki and when i found u translating this, makes me love u XD thx

woww i love it XD thx

Thanks for this new series!

Thank you so much.

thanks a lot for HASHIBA Maki project ^^

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