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Release #3 – HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!


Well its Mother's Day somewhere, Lol... 

*cough* But HEY LOOK! We have our 3rd Release!

[Volume 1: chapter 2]

You can download it here AFTER becoming a reader in the forum. To become a Reader you must at at least five normal non-spamming posts.

We Busted our butts to bring you, you Yaoi loving Mothers, this chapter extra Fast for an Extra Mother's Day Present~ If your not a mother, well... you Get a present anyway  Hehe!

We Hope you enjoy this chapter of Sweet Blood, and continue to look forward to these releases at our site! As well as keeping our forums a-roll'n 

We Still need Translators REALLY BAD! DEFINITELY Japanese Or Chinese Translators! We really need some Cleaners and Typesetters too... Hibari has been doing most of the Cleaning and Typesetting work up to now, Please help her~! 

Thanks Everyone who made this Chapter Possible!

- Pandora -

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3 Little Devil  
amazing!! thank you ! <3

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2 kexet90  
Wow! u guys are so good! Thanks for the release! :)

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1 Pandora  
Yeah, we really need to put some tests in.

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