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Release #40: Out of School

Finally no more distractions! (hopefully...unless mom wants me to get a job>>)


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Hello, Everyone~ First of all, I'm sorry for the little break we had. I got busy with Final Papers, then Finals and You knwo the rest.... Ugh! Do I hate those days of classes...

Well lets not think about such depressing things and instead leats read somethings we actually like, don't you think?

First, its Baby Diary <3 Gotta love that baby. Hope you guys are still liking it.

Second, its Sweet Blood. I know, its been a while so that is why we are bringing this out. I know some of you want Enemy and yeonliji, and that will come soon, but not the next release (no promise on that). Defenetly is the new Joint we have, 2 Chaoters of it ^^ so please wait for it patiently! I'll try to squeeze something else in, but please don't be hopefull...

Enjoy your reading!!

PS: Sorry this is so short >> Got a final tomorrow and need to study a little.

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Thank you! Yay

Thank You ^3^

Thank you so much for the new release <3
Good luck with the final ^^

Thank you for more Baby Diary!

Thank you so much for your hard work!!
Good luck for your study! X3

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