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Release #41: Jealousy

Is that.... jealousy I smell?


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Hey Guys! Its been.... Not that long but hey! Here is the next release! (She got to used to saying its been a while).

We continue today with Baby Diary, almost catching up to the raws! Just... 2 more chapters I think. Don't think its completed yet but as soon as we catch up, i got 2 other webtoons which are in line after this one...One of them is already in the forums (it is called University). Seems interesting to me~ Can't wait to start working on it.

Next is Brilli~ this one and Enemy hasn't been released in a while so I'm sure a lot of you will be happy! it seems that Brilli will be in that direction....Still not dropping it though! Still calling for my attention....*wiggles eyebrows* if you know what I mean. With this we start to see what happened before tha prologue...(is that even a prologue is it happened after the story? Hmm... I think its a Pre-sequel? Idk *shrugs*).

And Finally, the one everyone has been asking for~ Enemy! (Hears screams everywhere). Yes yes, be happy. I'll try to keep this updated as normally a possible? Is that even a phrase? But finally...he is reacting <3 I was waiting for this! Who else wasn't though? *sees the line of readers*

But I won't keep you anymore. Enjoy your reading. I will try to finish a few projects this summer so I hope I can ^^' Keep supporting us guys~ Your comments always make us laugh and happy.

Thank you for still being with us.

Until next time!


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All three of these series have very obsessive seme(s). 

Yaaayyyy Enemyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for your hard work <3 <3

Thank you for the release... Kyah

Thanks for all the releases!

Thank you very  much for all the releases today.

Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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