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Release #42: Abrupt Marriages....

...Are the sources of unhappy marriages.


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Hello everyone~ Its only been a day...But I'm happy I'm back so fast. Today we bring you a Joint which I asked to do with Jae Scans. This was just so cute that I could not resist. This project is already complete (I think...) so we will try to have normal releases. I hope you guys enjoy this one and find it as cute as Taishou Romantica... Which reminds me I should release soon... xD

Don't worry...I'll try my best u.u

Well, this starts with the unexpected (like every other manga is not unexpected... but thats what we love right?) I'm sure some of you have already have read chapter 00 but please do read it from the begining just as a reminder xD

I can't wait to see the development of this manga. I mean...Thats what happens with every manga right? Unless they have no development, which would suck but anyways, Here~

Enjoy and until... I don't know until when but Ill see you when I do xD

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