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Release #45: New Projects

Obviously BL


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Well guys~ Here are the last 2 chapters of Baby Diary until the next one is out (since it's not complete yet). It seems somone just want those nipples! It seems theres going to be something about that next but we will have to see about it.

What happens now that we caught up with it? We are going to wait for the next chapter of course, and in the mean time we are picking up....a few projects.

They look very interesting right?! Well, Im very happy to be picking this ones up, specilly the middle one <3 The art looks so pretty so yeahhhhh.

Which one do you think looks the most interesting? Which one would you like to see first?

Until release #46~

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Thank you very much for your hard work  T-Ups
I always think that the chapter is wayyy wayyyyy too short TT.TT
I hope the artist can make it a bit longer in the future  ohs

Thanks for more Baby Diary, and looking forward to the new projects!

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