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Release #46: The appearance

Of the Dead brother...?


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I love releasing daily, when I can of course. It just make us love releasing more and it makes us happy when the readers are happy. Right? Are you guys happy for more release? Well, as I said before, I'm trying to catch up on our release during this summer break soo....

Here is chapter 7 of Enemy~ It seems that the action we have been waiting for is going to be happening soon. I know alot of you havent been able to stop yourselves from seeing the raws but I'm one of those that don't see the raws unless I'm cleaning them soo..no spoilers~! Please...

Also, Please don't upload our chapters before we put them ourselves online. We just like people visiting us for a day so please... don't do it. Thank you.

Until release #47~

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2 ereinsamadesu  
How can i read them?

1 bannedlove6927  
Thank you so much for the new chapter <3

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