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Release #6 - Devil's Bride

Hello Everyone! 

This is our first release which is not a holiday one in a while! Today we bring you Releases that we hope you enjoy.

[Chapter 1]                         [Chapter 4]

(Don't mind me XD I'm crazy like this) 

OK guys, so you already know the drill. I don't have to repeat myself, right? Right? *Only hears silence* *sigh* Ok I'm only going to repeat mysef this time. You have to be a Reader to be able to download the release. To be able to be a reader, You must first do 5 post in the FORUMS which are non-spams. After that, POST THE LINKS to your post in the To Download Releases section of the forum. For more information, read Rules To Download.

Finally, Su-Ho is going with the Vampire...ooohhh I wonder what will happen next!? And what about his friend? 

We welcome out new project Devil's Bride By Kim Se Young. We hope you enjoy this chapter. We decided to pick it up since Tokyopop dropped it.

Now Remember guys. Play nice XD and by play nice I mean, remember that our waiting period for download sites are 2 days (48 hours) and reading sites like MangaFox and such is 1 day meaning 24 hours!

We are still in need of Staff. At the moment we are not looking for Proofreaders but we are still in need of translators who are willing to help us! Japanese, Chinese or Korean Translators would be appreciate. 

*looks up* Ok >> So my Entries might not be like Pandora's but hey XD at least some of you guys read it and I'm glad you guys do!

Hmmm *looks up again* I think that's all i have to cover up for now. OH we have pick up a new Web Comic. Its From Hell by Hun. It will be release in the near future so wait for it patiently... About Ouke No Monshou, we are still going to continue it, we are almost done with chapter 2 (which has been with us fr a while) and we hope we can release it faster. Most of our staff are waiting for this series too so we hope a translator would come and help us with this series. 

Ok i think now I'm just saying whatever >> so I'm just going to end it here.


Until my next post! *waves* 

With not so much love,


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15 rakele  
love it!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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14 Akihito  
I really like Devil's Bride xD Thank you for picking up this pj, I greatly appreciate that!

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13 Kat  
Cant wait to read these :3

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12 Mayon  
Thank you so much for scanlating this artist, I adore her!!! <33

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11 pretty456  
thankyou for your hardwork really appreciated Bs

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10 kexet90  
Thank you for the releases! I havn't had time to do the tests yet but I think I would prefer being a proofreader than a....damn it....I don't remember what it was called.....Oh well, anyway, I was hoping to get the test for being a proofreader instead. Where can I get that? I can't find it in your Forum.

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9 crystaldee  
Weee...thank you ^___^

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8 Daisukepink  
Thank you very much LU

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7 belllda  
Thank you very much for new releases! Bs

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6 amizaki  
Thank you for the new chapter of sweet blood and new release of The devil's bride. Greatly appreciate your hardwork.

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